The Shopify Performance
Tuning Workshop

We specialize in the exclusive refinement of Shopify stores as well as in building ultra-high-performance Shopify themes

Are you ready for performance like never before?

Shopify Performance Tuning Explained

In short, it's all about improvement.
We improve existing Shopify stores to the level where they become extremely fast, user friendly and easily pass web audits.
It's a turnkey solution with guaranteed deliverables.

The goal when tuning is the improvement of a store's overall performance in response to the user's needs and provide the best balance between performance and design.

Changes can range from:

- functional modifications
designed to improve the page speed, functionality and user-friendliness of the store


- visual modifications
cosmetic and stylistic changes which alter the aesthetics of the store

1. Performance

We'll make your store load fast and ensure that pages are optimized for users to be able to easily interact with content.

This can't be achieved by simply applying cosmetic fixes. That's why we perform radical modification - completely stripping down store's code and then reassembling it from the ground up.

2. Accessibility

Is your store following the ADA compliance standards and is accessible to those with disabilities?

We'll make store's code ADA compliant so that disabled individuals have the same access as anyone to all areas of their premises.

3. Best Practices

We'll also improve the overall code health of your Shopify store. This involves fixing all the existing errors and bugs as well as replacing inefficient and outdated code with fresh and lighter-weight components.

4. Technical SEO

We'll properly set up your store so that search engines understand your content and can crawl and index store's pages.

Best Practices

Case studies

Turbofy Theme

We’re best known for our Turbofy Theme for Shopify - the ultimate solution if you want to save money on tuning and tend to do too much work yourself

It's fast, innovative and features a lot of advanced techniques, giving you the power to build tremendously high speed Shopify stores from the ground up with surprising ease and efficiency.