Netflix launched its own tool for checking bandwidth

Posted on Jul 05, 2016 | by Turbonize

 How fast is your download speed? For many users has already become the main tool for measuring channel bandwidth. Measurements can be performed with both desktop and mobile devices - and for smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS has its own application. The problem is that the primary site of service can no longer be called fast. Flash ads and tons of features + if your computer is a bit slow, the Internet channel speed measurement can become a torture.

  Luckily Netflix recently introduced its own tool, allowing to estimate the bandwidth of your Internet channel - Fast. Service web site design is so minimalist as possible. The measurement is performed for a few seconds, not more.

 Plus there is no advertising (at least, not yet). Plus, the new service supports IPv6. The measurement is made using Netflix's own servers. The results of the measurements, as far as we can judge, are almost the same as on

Internet Speed Test

 New tool works in any country, it is completely free for all - absolutely no matter whether the user is a subscriber to Netflix or not.