A Website Metrics That’s Killing 20% of Your Shopify Store Revenue

Posted on Jul 11, 2017 | by Turbonize

Speeding Up Shopify Store increases sales

 "Let's take a quick look at your Shopify store my friend. I saw your colorful ad on my feed and it triggered me to click. Mmm .. very cool products, awesome design, lots of customer reviews, easy checkout process...
The only thing ...it took for ages for the page to load! And I was never able to load that picture with an angle shot. Now my coffee break is over and I no longer have time or DESIRE to dig into THAT kind of shopping experience. I’ll just jump over to Amazon and will order my thing from there. "


- that's how the thought trail goes for the majority of your potential customers.

They have visited your store for the first (and most likely the LAST) time.

Not only is that an embarassing experience for the customer it’s also a NIGHTMARE for YOU, as a store owner.

Spending all that time, labor and money to find your best performing AD and then loosing ready-to-buy customer due to such important, but unknowingly neglected Shopify Store metrics - as site speed.


Why is store speed so important?

    It’s a cornerstone for a positive user experience(UX) which is based on 2 key factors:

  • Give visitors what they want
  • Give it to them FAST

And more often than not, if you're waiting for the site to load for too long, you simply click away. You as a Store Owner have just flushed your ad money down the toilet.

Research by Strange Loop says that 1 sec delay can cost you 7% percent of sales

How speed affects sales

    More on that:

  • 53% of visitors will abandon your store entirely if it takes longer than 3 seconds.
  • 79% of online shoppers say they won’t go back to a website if they’ve had trouble with load speed.

So if your Shopify Store is making $3,000 right now— that means you’re loosing $630 a month for every additional 3 seconds(!) of the load time beyond green mark on Google (more about that later).

And that totals to $7539 a year!! Sounds pretty wild, right?

But good news is that optimizing your site speed will cost you less than that. And with a skilled and professional team it’s an investment that will return 10x fold. Great shopping experience, more customer conversions, retentions and loyalty.

Here at Turbonize we optimize & speed up Shopify Stores just like YOURS all day, every day. Contact us to get your Free Speed Report and Consultation today!