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Why do Fast Shopify Stores make more money?

Let’s face it, no matter how much traffic is going to your store, if you are not converting this traffic, it’s a traffic WASTED.

Think of it like a busy boardwalk shop.

Visitors are lined up in front of it to get in. But if the line is not moving fast enough, and they’re not able to get their foot in the door, they’ll walk away. And it doesn’t matter how many people were in the line, when only 50% got it. The rest of the visitors were not even able to see what you offer.
Same with your Shopify store. If you’re not serving your customers fast enough when they first visit.

Don’t let YOUR people go to your competitors. Make your website faster and your sales higher.

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When your store is performing slow, time becomes your enemy. Instead of being a friend.

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What Turbonize is All About?

You might think that speeding up a Shopify store is an easy task. It is not! The process is somewhat similar to a 'neurosurgery' and it involves a lot of manual work.

We here at Turbonize are focused on making Shopify stores fast. Lightning fast, providing your visitors with an excellent shopping experience.

Dan Kossoff, Turbonize